Forex Merchant Account

Forex Merchant Account

Forex Merchant Account

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Forex merchant account opening is one of our main specializations. We will provide you with your own DIRECT merchant account in prestigious European/USA acquiring bank with optimal price and without a hassle. High approval ratio, fair rates and comprehensive customer support that is what iPayTotal™  strive to provide at every step of the merchant boarding process.

We make it happen the following ways:

  • We have established working partnership with a numerous acquiring banks;
  • Our managers provide profound on-the-fly support on each stage of receiving an account;
  • iPayTotal™ has already provided multiple Forex businesses with online payment solution.

Rate starts from 4,5% *

* – % rate can change due to the monthly turnover and other factors

Why rates are different depending on the case?

Final rate mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Monthly Processing Volume

The bigger volume more are the benefits. Also if a merchant grow its volume while being processed with iPayTotal™, we review the rates based on merchant performances and decrease them correspondingly.

  • Previous Transaction History

Clear and transparent past history may greatly influence on the rate, because in this case the risk level goes down.

Forex is the place where the great number of people earn money every week, every day and even every second. This possibility is provided by special Forex platforms (Forex brokers) which number is constantly growing, because the industry is developing rapidly and more and more traders obtain additional sources of revenue there. There are hundreds of such platform now and each one has its own advantages, peculiar features that allow them to compete with other brokers and attract players in Forex industry.  At iPayTotal™ we understand how important a functional and failsafe MID is for the proper functioning of an ongoing revenue generating business. We see merchants as partners rather than just a processing client, as our vision is to work and grow together and we always seek longer and much prosperous business relationships.

But no matter how different are Forex platforms, they have much in common when we are talking about clients’ deposits. Since without possibility to deposit funds customers can’t start trading, hence bringing profit to his broker. The payout issue is also important as traders want to receive earnings on the same credit card they have paid from. That’s why it is so crucial to choose the right payment provider who will totally solve deposit and payout issues giving you huge competitive advantages.

How To Apply For A Forex Merchant Account With ipaytotal?.

In order to avoid needless risks and unwanted consequences we provide direct merchant accounts, which means that broker receives personal account and is one and only owner of it. Thus, there is no possibility for merchants to be hard hit by third-party persons on the same account.

  • Contact us

Our competent managers are always ready to help you. Register on our CRM and our Underwriters / Service manager swill contact you within hours.

  • Start accepting Payments

When integration is finished, you just make a test transaction and start accepting real payments on your personal Forex merchant account!

Personal Forex merchant account means that you are only one owner of the account and you fully control payments coming through it. Unfortunately for merchants, some payment providers often use the so-called aggregated account where they place several (sometimes even many enough) merchants in order to get the desirable processing volume or risk ratio. As a result here comes the threat that one of participating merchants can cause troubles and entire account will be closed harming other merchants. Moreover, usually these risks have an effect on rates increasing them in a considerable extent.


In contemporary world the question of safety is fundamental, especially in a Forex sector. As a result of this, iPayTotal ™ technical department has developed and applied required security filters (so-called anti-fraud filters) which, due to sophisticated settings, allow merchants to completely exclude all sorts of card fraud. At the same time the flow of genuine transactions is not affected. We are constantly enhancing existent filters and creating new ones to protect our brokers from intricate fraud attempts.

And the last thing to be mentioned is our fully secured and PCI DSS compliant payment gateway which has the ultimate level of safety because we clearly understand that there is a colossal number of transactions in Forex industry and failsafe gateway is must-have condition.  You will always be safe with iPayTotal.


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