What Does Child Abduction Mean?

What Does Child Abduction Mean?

What Does Child Abduction Mean?

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Have you ever pondered the definition of child abduction? Although the term gets tossed around all the time, what does it really mean? The definition is rather simple; Child abduction is the unauthorized removal of a minor from the custody of the child’s natural parents or legally appointed guardiansBut what exactly does that mean?

A Parent’s Dismay

Imagine, as a parent, you’re going through one of those days where everything goes wrong. You’re in the grocery store racing to find the things on your list and get out of there. You’re running late. Your sock has a hole in it. You are on the wrong aisle for coffee. Suddenly, you notice that your kid is not near you. At first, you’re probably annoyed. You try to remember when the last time you noticed the child being close to you. The panic starts to rise in your chest as you realize it has been over 5 minutes. You start yelling the kids name in hopes to hear their familiar voice yell back at you but all you get is silence, and lots of concerned looks from other shoppers.call back, but all you’re met with is silence and concerned looks.

A Child’s Horror

You should always try to teach your kids to stay close, and to be wary of strangers. Unfortunately, even the most disciplined child can be distracted by candy and toys. The worst kidnappers might utilize things as ineffably good-natured as friendship and kindness to lure kids away. Imagine the type of horror a child would endure when he or she realizes they have been fooled and are now trapped by somebody who might want to do them harm. Far from the safety of mom or dad, they’re confronted with the kind of fear we’re supposed to protect our children from.

Child Abduction

Child abduction is a horrible act. It brings children into an emotional dark side that they have no business encountering. Torn from home and family, amny kidnappings are torturous by their sheer nature, without the kidnappers doing anything beyond the child abduction. However, reasons for kidnapping can vary. Some kids are abducted by family members, who feel that the child should be in their custody, and not yours. Others happen for far more evil things, of a criminal and highly evil nature.

Kids Live Safe

Kids Live Safe is a website designed to alert you if sexual predators live in your area. While it can’t tell you if your spouse is planning on stealing your kid, it can tell you if anyone near you is a registered sex offender. All you need to use it is your home address and full name, and provided that sex offenders near you have been complying with state law (which they risk additional sentencing for if they don’t), you’ll be able to sniff out anyone nearby who might have reason to harm your child.  You can also set up monitoring alerts for up to three locations, for your children’s family and friends neighborhoods, making this an even more valuable service for your child’s safety!


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